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Last update: 10/10/13

Magnum MXP Magnum III Magnum I

Magnum Performance Inc.

Offers the following engine overhaul options...

The Magnum MXP Aircraft Engine Series is the pinnacle of our efforts for experimental aircraft. The MXP uses "race proven" technology plus proprietary camshaft profiles and other techniques to achieve exceptional performance and reliability. More info »

The Magnum III engine benefits from the same attention to detail as the MXP and takes advantage of every advanced Magnum technology that can be included in a certified aircraft engine. When you install a Magnum III engine in your aircraft, you can rest assured you have the most powerful and reliable certified aircraft engine available. More info »

The Magnum I is our standard certified aircraft engine overhaul. It meets or exceeds factory overhauls and all assembly tolerances are to factory new specifications. More info »